6 Best Mineral Sunscreens to Protect Skin, According to Skincare Pros

6 Best Mineral Sunscreens to Protect Skin, According to Skincare Pros Our experts stand by these top-tested SPFs for face and body.


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In April 2022, we updated this article to include more details about each highlighted product, expert commentary, and three new Twitsh test-winning products, including a new best overall body formula by Hawaiian Tropic based on comprehensive testing by the Twitsh

There are two forms of sun protection available: chemical and mineral. Mineral sunscreens, which employ naturally-derived minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block UV rays rather than chemical formulae that absorb the sun's rays, are commonly referred to as "natural."

Mineral sunscreens are becoming more popular because they don't contain controversial chemical sunscreen active ingredients like oxybenzone and because "there's been a movement toward natural and organic skincare in general," says Elizabeth K. Hale, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City and senior vice president of The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Twitsh Beauty evaluates a variety of sunscreens on a daily basis, including sunscreens for children and newborns, face sunscreens, sensitive skin sunscreens, face sunscreens, and more.

 When it comes to evaluating sunscreens, lab specialists keep current requirements in mind, and in our most recent study, we began by polling 2,500 women about their sun protection practices.

 We test the goods on consumers to see how effective they are at protecting them from the sun and how attractive they are.

 Twitsh has evaluated the finest mineral sunscreens for the face and body that don't leave a white cast, including products for dark, acne-prone, sensitive, oily, and mature skin, as well as sprays and drugstore, buy.


Mineral Non-Tinted Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 30

Why we like it

✔It is not itchy, sticky, or oily in any way.

✔Makeup looks great with a smooth texture.

This Sun Bum face sunscreen achieved a near-perfect score in Twitsh testing for not producing redness or irritation.

 It's also non-sticky, non-oily, and won't get in the way of your makeup. "This was simply fantastic! The velvety texture applied and performed as a cosmetics primer "one of 

the testers claims. It's "silky" and "looks so natural," according to other testers.

  • SPF 30
  • Zinc Oxide (2.4%) and Titanium Dioxide are the active components (5.3 percent )
  • 40 minutes of water resistance
  • 10.58 cents per ounce


Mineral Sun Milk Body Lotion SPF 50

Mineral Sun Milk Body Lotion SPF 50

Why we like it

✔Smooth and simple to use
✔Skin will not get dehydrated as a result of using this product.
✔Excellent odor

Take Note

It might make you feel sticky.

The coconut oil-infused Hawaiian Tropic was the top-rated mineral sunscreen in Twitsh most recent body SPF test, with praise for its easy application, transfer resistance, and "deliciously tropical" aroma. The light milky lotion was the least likely of any mineral SPF to stain or rub off on textiles, was easy to apply, non-drying, and washed off readily. 

The pump bottle was complimented by testers, despite the fact that it was smaller than others; some testers also found the formula was oily. The "scent was fantastic" and the "application process was clean," according to several.

  • Titanium Dioxide (4.9%) and Zinc Oxide are the active components (6.7 percent )
  • Price per ounce: $3.50 
  • Water resistance: 80 minutes
  • SPF50


Botanical Sunscreen Mineral Lotion SPF 50

Why we like it

✔Exceptional sun protection

✔A pleasant odor

✔It is neither greasy nor unpleasant.

To protect skin from the sun, Australian Gold's SPF contains both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

 This sunscreen has a non-greasy feel and provides excellent UV protection.

 Not only does it smell wonderful (95 percent of twitsh testers agreed), but it also prevents sunburn and ranks at the top for not being greasy or irritating, as well as its "smooth" texture.

Water resistance: 80 minutes

  •  SPF 50 
  • Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide (4%) and Titanium Dioxide (4%) 
  • Price per ounce: $2.73


Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

Why we like it

✔Skin becomes softer.
✔Sun protection that is effective
✔Excellent value

This Coppertone sunscreen is not only inexpensive, but it's also fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and has high quantities of pure zinc oxide as its active component, according to Twitsh.

 The recipe received near-perfect grades for adequately protecting skin from the sun, and users found it simple to use and hydrating. It also washed cleanly and didn't leave any stains on clothes.

 "Unlike some other sunscreens, my skin did not feel dried out," a tester observed.

  • Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide (24.8%)
  • Water resistance: 80 minutes
  • Price per ounce: ~$1.66
  • SPF 50


SheerZinc Face Sunscreen SPF 50

Why we like it

✔It has a silky, moisturizing texture.
✔Strong sun protection that works nicely with cosmetics

Take Note

It's possible that it'll leave a white film on your skin.

Neutrogena's outstanding worth In Twitsh tests, zinc oxide face sunscreen was easy to apply and efficient in preventing sunburn.

 The silky-smooth, softening composition is ideal for older skin types, and it also works well under makeup, according to testers. Several people commented on how well it "moisturized skin.

" It may leave a white tint on the skin at first while it absorbs, therefore it's best for fairer skin tones.

  • Price per ounce: ~$5.49
  • Water resistance: 80 minutes
  • SPF 50
  • Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide (21.6%)


Why we like it

Simple to use
It's not irritable, greasy, or drying
Sun protection that is effective

Take Note

It may take some time to fully absorb and leave a white cast.

In Twitsh reviews, testers found the Bare Republic to be an easy-to-apply sunscreen spray with naturally-derived mineral active ingredients.

 It also received high marks for its vanilla coconut aroma, the fact that it did not hurt or irritate the skin, that it did not feel oily or dry, and that it protected the skin from sunburn.

 It should be noted that customers did not find it to be fast-absorbing and that it left a white residue on their skin. Many customers praised how easy it was to use: "It sprayed quite evenly," one said. "I didn't get burnt despite spending hours in the scorching Colorado heat!" stated another.

  • Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide (12%), Titanium Dioxide (8%)
  • Water resistance: 80 minutes
  • Price per ounce: ~$2.49
  • SPF 50

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