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The best heart rate monitors for workouts and workouts. We've tested a bunch of different monitors and found these to be the best.


Best heart rate monitor 2022 for workouts and running
Best heart rate monitor 2022

The World Health Organization recommends that all individuals exercise for at least two and a half hours per week if they are undertaking moderate exercise. Those who engage in strenuous physical activity should exercise for at least 75 minutes each week. Tracking your activity, whether you exercise a little or a lot, can help you stay motivated and provide insights into the best way for you to move more. A cardiac monitor with a tension chest strap might be your most reliable exercise companion. And we're here to assist you in locating the best heart rate monitor chest strap for your needs.

When it comes to maximizing your workout, data can help you get so much more out of each workout on a short-term and long-term basis, especially if your preferred sport is a distance-based sport like cycling or walking. You may monitor your heart rate to keep tabs on your cardiovascular and general wellness.

Metrics such as speed, heart rate, distance, calories burnt, stride length, cadence, pressure, and elevation can help you fine-tune your workout plan to achieve a certain fitness objective. That's why selecting the best heart-rate monitor with a comfortable chest strap (and matching it with a useful fitness app on your wristwatch or a fitness tracker like a Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Charge) is so important for your fitness goals and health.

Chest straps are among the finest heart-rate monitors for distance athletes since they provide more precise heart-rate data readings than an armband, wrist monitor, or typical fitness tracker. Chest straps have one poor reputation for being unpleasant and chafing, but with a decent heart-rate monitor, you'll forget it's there until you see your heart monitor reading after your workout. Our selections for the best chest strap heart-rate monitors are listed below. This list is updated regularly as new models become available.

Some wearables, such as the best triathlon watches, can measure heart rate underwater, but as with running, a water-resistant heart rate monitor will provide more accurate data. If you're looking to upgrade your running gear, be sure to read our recommendations on the best running shoes and best running headphones.

Best heart rate monitors on the market


Best heart rate monitor overall

Best heart rate monitors 2022

The Garmin HRM-Pro is the greatest option for, well, pros since it includes the best features from other Garmin heart rate monitors, such as the Garmin HRM-Swim and Garmin HRM-Run. When connected to a compatible smartwatch, the HRM-Pro allows you to track sophisticated running and swimming parameters.

The running metrics sensor also allows the HRM-Pro to estimate lactate threshold; more specifically, the algorithm can determine the best pace at which you can run an 11K or half-marathon without totally and utterly exhausting the upper body using the Garmin HRM-Pro and a compatible smartwatch (e.g., Garmin Forerunner 745).  This is ideal for runners who are new to competition and want to train at the appropriate speed.

The Garmin HRM-Pro can, however, connect to several devices at the same time through Bluetooth and ANT+, allowing you to transmit heart rate data to both your smartwatch and your Wattbike. This is good for athletes who prefer to track their performance across many applications.

This heart rate wristband may also capture offline daily activities without the need for a watch. Even if you are not wearing a watch, either because you are charging it or engaging in an activity that requires you to remove the watch (e.g., kettlebell training), heart rate data will be constantly gathered and transmitted into the Garmin Connect app as long as you are wearing the HRM-Pro.

2. WAHOO TICKR X (GEN 2 – 2020

Lighter and more accurate than ever

Best Chest Strap Heart-Rate Monitors for 2022

The second-generation Tickr X sports an integrated strap design that makes it easier to put the sensor on and feels more secure. The LED lights on the top of the gadget begin blinking after the monitor has detected the heart rate (you may wish to apply some water to the rear of the strap for a stronger connection).

And the Wahoo Tickr X (Gen 2) connects quickly; we tried it with our trusted Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, and it never failed to recognize the heart rate monitor within seconds (after the initial pairing). The Tickr X may be attached to many devices at the same time, so if you use a smart trainer and a running watch at the same time, the Tickr X will transmit heart rate data to both.

Runners will like the new sophisticated running stats, which will be broadcast on the Tickr X and recorded on the watch when coupled with a GPS multi-sport or running watch for real-time feedback. If you don't want to utilize any other fitness devices for your exercises, the Tickr X includes built-in memory for up to 49 hours of activity, which can subsequently be synchronized with the Wahoo App.

The Wahoo App, similar to the screen of a running watch, serves as the user interface for the Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor; you can really see your profile and workout history, as well as check your metrics in real-time as you exercise. The Wahoo App comes with 43 pre-configured settings, and you can also swap different data screens, but it's worth noting that most displays are focused on cycling or running information (obviously). Even if you go to the gym, your average speed, distance, and elevation gain will be recorded. However, this is not a deal-breaker.

The Wahoo Tickr X is a high-end heart rate monitor with a slew of handy features for runners, bikers, and other athletes. Perhaps not for triathletes because it is only somewhat water-resistant, but others prefer to exercise on dry land.


Precise and versatile heart rate monitor

Best Chest Strap Heart-Rate Monitors for 2022

If you don't want to buy multiple heart rate monitors to track different types of sports, the Polar H10 is your best choice. The Polar H10 is the "most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar's history," and it can track your ticker quite accurately.

The greatest part is that the Polar H10 has built-in memory for one activity, so you can wrap the heart rate monitor around your breast, launch the Polar Beat app, and then leave the phone at home. When you get home, the strap will sync with your phone.

The Polar H10 can connect to fitness applications, sports, smartwatches, and gym equipment through Bluetooth and ANT+. The Polar H10 can connect to both Bluetooth and ANT+ devices at the same time, allowing you to pair it with both your watch and your turbo trainer.

The Polar H10 is also good for swimming, albeit it is not a swimming heart rate monitor. Wear a tri-suit or wetsuit over it for the optimum benefits, as it will be rubbed against your skin while you swim.


Best heart rate monitor for HIIT and kettlebell workouts

Best Chest Strap Heart-Rate Monitors for 2022

Verity Sense is a serious heart rate monitor for running, swimming, cycling, and workouts, but it is also pleasant and simple to use. It's one of the greatest heart rate monitors to date that uses an optical sensor rather than the typical electrical one, and it's the newest from serious Finnish fitness firm Polar.

That is why it does not wrap over your chest but rather goes on your arm, which many people like. It may also be attached to swimming goggles to read your pulse from your brow.

The Verity Sense has the potential to be a brilliant option for individuals who find chest straps too bulky and smartwatches too unreliable: it's a fantastically adaptable, feature-rich, and well-priced heart rate monitoring strap - but you do have to struggle with a not-so-user-friendly Polar Flow software.

We recommend utilizing the Polar Beat app instead, which is far more user-friendly and feeds data back into the Polar Flow app. You can start a workout via the Polar Beat app and track heart rate and calories expended in real-time with the phone, which serves as an external screen for the Verity Sense strap.

Polar Beat may also be used to do assessments, such as the Polar Fitness Test, which is essentially a VO2 max evaluation. Although this may be confusing, these tests may be found under the 'Upgrades' option. It's strange having to use two applications to correctly log your exercises. We've seen worse, but Polar should address this issue as fast as possible.


Best heart rate monitor for measuring ECG

Best Chest Strap Heart-Rate Monitors for 2022

Some fitness trackers and wrist wearables, such as the Withings ScanWatch and Fitbit Charge 5, can already detect ECG, although their accuracy is disputed. If only there was an ECG-capable heart rate monitor...

There is, indeed, one! Even better, the Frontier X can measure heart rate (obviously), cardiac rhythm, cardiac strain (similar to the Whoop 4.0), and even heart rate variability. In addition to these features, the Frontier X can assess the respiratory rate and estimate training load, as well as body shock and step cadence.
Does it sound right? It's fine. The Frontier X gives a wealth of data to endurance athletes and proposes routines based on prior sessions. It also evaluates your exercises immediately upon completion via the Frontier X App, where you may analyze and overanalyze each and every action you performed while wearing the heart rate monitor.

Because the software and device are primarily concerned with training load and heart strain, it's reasonable to assume that the Frontier X is best suited for runners, bikers, and other endurance sports. Of course, it can track multiple sorts of training, but the advice for strength athletes will be less realistic.
Unfortunately, no matter how big the head unit is, the Frontier X lacks built-in GPS, so you'll have to bring your phone with you if you want distance statistics to go with your exercise assessments. Alternatively, you can use BLE to link the Frontier X to watches and fitness equipment (no ANT+, unfortunately), but it's too pricey to be used only as an external heart rate monitor.

On the plus side, there is only one large fee to pay upfront; using the Frontier X App is free forever.


Stay in the zone with this brilliantly accurate heart rate monitor

Best Chest Strap Heart-Rate Monitors for 2022

The Myzone MZ-Switch is a highly adaptable exercise companion that will provide precise results throughout practically any workout. You can't go wrong with amazing battery life, a tiny and lightweight design, and an easy-to-use, feature-rich companion app.

However, there is one little issue: the price. The MZ-Switch doesn't look like it's worth £140, and it's not the type of gadget you'll want to brag about because of its cheap-looking design, but it performs the job it's been built to do quite well, ensuring it's ready for any sweat-inducing activity you throw at it.

Myzone monitors, in case you're not acquainted, employ a different system than other heart rate monitors, known as the MEP system. The Myzone MZ-Switch basically detects your heart rate zone and awards Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) after each workout.

MEPs are identical to all other gamified fitness incentive systems, but seeing a workout in the Myzone app comprised of nothing but colored lines might be perplexing at first. However, once you've gotten the hang of it, it's simple to use.


Best heart rate monitor for Peloton

Best Chest Strap Heart-Rate Monitors for 2022

Given that Peloton has its own shoe and clothing line, it's no surprise that the most popular at-home exercise bike class provider sells a Peloton-branded heart rate monitor that links to the Peloton Bike+ and Peloton Tread.

The Peloton Heart Rate Band is precise as you'd expect a Peloton gadget capable of tracking heart rate to be: expensive and stylish. It also comes in a nice package that tells you very little about the parameters of the band monitors or the battery life.

What we do know is that the Peloton Heart Rate Band is a forearm-worn wristband that measures heart rate and Strives Score(opens in a new tab) and was released in April 2021. According to Peloton, Strive Score is a "personal, non-competitive score based on heart rate that monitors how much time is spent in each heart rate zone to assess how hard a person is working in every session."

I'm not sure whether anyone wants to buy the Peloton Heart Rate Band as an external heart rate monitor, but it can be. Although it lacks ANT+, the Band can connect to wearables through BLE. Unlike many other wearables in our guide, it simply tracks heart rate, but if you require a comfortable external optical heart rate monitor to go with your Garmin watch, the Peloton Heart Rate Band is a good option.

The person is putting on a bike jersey while wearing a heart rate monitor around their chest.

How to choose a chest strap heart-rate monitor

Many of the elements in your purchase selection for the finest heart-rate monitor chest strap for your workout will be dependent on personal tastes and your training schedule. Here are some pointers to consider before deciding to buy a heart rate monitor.

Several different sources can be used to fuel a wearable chest strap monitor. Some come with a rechargeable battery. Others may have extremely extended battery lives, but the batteries are not user-changeable or rechargeable. Longer battery life is usually preferable (no one wants their monitor to die in the middle of a run), but there are other possibilities. Before choosing a monitor, be sure to read the description for battery life.

Battery: A wearable chest strap monitor can be powered by a variety of means. Some are powered by a rechargeable battery. Others may have an extremely extended battery life, but the battery is not changeable or recharged by the user. Longer battery life is usually preferable (no one wants their monitor to die in the middle of a run), but there are plenty of other possibilities. Before purchasing a monitor, be sure you read the description carefully.

Internal memory: If you don't enjoy holding your smartphone throughout your workout, consider investing in a heart-rate training monitor that can save your heart-rate data on its built-in memory to save maximum heart rate, heart-rate variability, and goal heart rate.  You may subsequently upload your heart-rate readings to your smartphone applications using the companion app for your HR monitor.

Metrics: Consider what you want your monitor to do when you're working out. Higher-end models collect real-time data on everything from run cadence to stride length, as well as blood pressure, calorie burn, and heart-rate variability, to help you meet your fitness goals, but more basic versions may merely measure your heart rate.

Module size: Some chest straps employ small modules (the plastic puck-like element) that do not protrude beyond the strap's borders. Others, on the other hand, utilize bigger monitors to determine your heart rate. Which heart-rate sensor you choose to track your training is also greatly determined by personal choice, as well as the tightness of your running clothing.

Strap width: This is a matter of personal opinion, but before you buy, consider if you'd be more comfortable throughout your workout with a narrow strap or a broader one.

How I chose chest strap heart-rate monitors

I jogged with many heart-rate monitors to determine the best chest strap monitors for runners. I wore each chest strap on every run for two weeks straight, for a total of six runs per monitor. (Between this research and trying face masks for running, my cardiovascular health must be better than it has been in a long time.)

In comparison to my Polar Ignite watch, which measures my heart rate during runs, I graded them on comfort, breathability, battery life, and accuracy. While this may not be the most accurate means of testing, it is what I had available, and the Polar Ignite is quite consistent, so it served as a decent comparison.

The material in this article is provided solely for educational and informative reasons and is not intended to be health or medical advice. If you have any questions about a medical condition or your health goals, always see a physician or another trained health expert.

More information on how to evaluate if a heart rate monitor is the appropriate tool for you may be found in our expert review article. Best Heart-Rate Monitors with Chest Strap in 2022.

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