Keeping an Apple Watch Series 8 in your pocket could save your life

Your life could be saved if you carry an Apple Watch Series 8 around with you


Since the release of the Series 2 in 2016, I have been evaluating Apple Watches. Every iteration has pleased me with new features that have improved the product's usability and helped it become justifiably popular with customers. But since they have the potential to save lives, the most recent Series 8 enhancements are the biggest yet.

Even during the technology giant's "Far Out" keynote event, the Apple Watch Series 8 debuted alongside the new iPhone 14 family and a more affordable Apple Watch SE. Despite its well-known design, it is the most striking yet. The most recent version keeps the same $399 starting price while including subtle but significant changes like crash detection. The incredible new features of the Apple Watch Series 7 follow-up are listed below.


The life-saving accident detection capability alone is motivation enough to get the Apple Watch Series 8. The timepiece's integrated sensors may detect an automobile accident and, after checking on you, inform authorities and contacts of your choice if there is no reaction.

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When traveling and driving at night, crash detection is a free function that is essential to have, especially in rural locations where there is less traffic and a smaller chance of running into other drivers. In situations like these, timing is crucial, and the Apple Watch Series 8 can save your life, whether you are a driver or passenger.

The detection methodology makes utilization of a complex algorithm that effectively addresses sensor data from impact forces, the loud and abrupt noises that an accident produces, and the deployment of airbags, to mention a few details. Any automobile (including an SUV, truck, van, etc.) may have crash detection turn on in the event of any collision, from a side impact to a rollover.

I felt more relaxed traveling on a Saturday road trip to Burlington with an iPhone 14 Pro (another Apple gadget with collision detection) in my pocket and the Series 8 on my wrists. For instance, other automobile manufacturers may charge you extra for equivalent services should they be given.


The Series 8 of the Apple Watch continues the legacy of offering a best-in-class selection with health and wellness tracking technology. Its ECG-capable electrical heart rate sensor, in particular, is a life-saving feature that makes it worthwhile to click the "purchase" button. This sensor can alert you when it detects an abnormal beat.

The Series 8 Apple Watch is the first to have a temperature meter, giving it a whole new perspective on your overall well-being. A set of sensors will measure your body temperature every five seconds as you sleep. The oscillations it monitors can signal changes in the body produced by a variety of circumstances, ranging from strenuous exercise to disease.

The Apple Watch Series 8's tracking capabilities for women's health, particularly in terms of family planning, have improved with the addition of a temperature sensor. The newly added sensor completes the blood oxygen monitor that has existed as a feature of the Apple Watch since Series 6.

The Health app on your iPhone is where you can constantly easily access and safely save all the health and fitness information your Apple Watch has collected. Another benefit of switching is removing the concern over the privacy of such sensitive data.


The Series 8 now has a Backtrack option in the compass app, thanks to watchOS 9. The anxiety-relieving feature allows you to retrace your steps if you get lost on a trek or other outdoor excursion. If you're going to a forest or a national park, you may use Backtrack before you start hiking.

Backtrack will track your hikes using the Apple Watch Series 8's GPS. Better still, when you need it the most (think: out-of-the-way locales with no familiar Wi-Fi network), the Apple Watch will activate the function for you, ensuring you don't get stuck in an unfamiliar spot.

Beginning with Series 6, Backtrack will be accessible on Apple Watch devices. Therefore, if you currently possess one that debuted before 2020, you should research and contemplate upgrading to the Series 8.


The battery is a glaring omission from the midrange Apple Watch. If you want longer battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra can last up to 36 hours on a single charge, but it costs $799. The Apple Watch Ultra is large and tough, and Twitsh found its features to be worthwhile for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

Battery life is becoming increasingly important as the Apple Watch transitions to a wear-to-bed gadget. Sleep monitoring is now a fully functional feature of WatchOS 9, and temperature tracking requires a full night's sleep to measure. That's an issue when the battery life of the Apple Watch is still just approximately a day and a half. The watch charges entirely in around an hour and a half, or up to 81% in about 50 minutes, but when are you planning to charge it? Before going to bed? While bathing in the morning? Are you at your desk?

I took the Series 8 to bed one evening after it had been completely charged, wore it all day the next day, and then to bed again, and the battery was around 34% the next morning. You may go a day or more between charging, but because the Apple Watch has its own unique charger, be sure you're not caught anywhere with it getting low.

I often charge my devices at night, or if they have a longer battery life, like the Oura Ring or the Fitbit Sense, I can go days without having to worry. Currently, it appears as though the Apple Watch Series 8 is stranded in the middle. The fact that its low-power mode disables temperature and heart rate monitoring to extend battery life will also not be of assistance. You might be able to switch between modes sometimes. Nevertheless, I would rank a "larger battery" as the #1 feature on my Apple Watch Series 9 wish list.

Although I haven't used low-power mode extensively yet, I'm interested in seeing how it affects battery life in the next few days and weeks.


The life-saving Apple Watch Series 8 watch is a must-upgrade due to its amazing improved health- and location-tracking functions and crash detection. The most compelling argument for upgrading from a Series 7 to the newest Apple Watch Series 8, especially if you drive frequently, is crash detection, which is unnoticeable. The Series 8 Apple Watch also has fall detection, a longtime feature.

You undoubtedly already know that the iPhone 14 has built-in crash detection if you have one. However, keep in mind that when paired with the most recent Apple Watch, their sensors will be able to operate together in the case of an accident. And when you're away from your iPhone, a Series 8 with cellular connectivity will keep you secure.

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