The 12 most popular college student planners available on the market today

In this article, we are going to review the top 12 college student planners that are currently available on the market.
The 12 most popular college student planners available on the market today
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If you're anything like us, you're undoubtedly wondering how on earth it's nearly 2023 when 2022 is still fresh in your mind. Nonetheless, the new year is only a few weeks away, and whether you're a type-A overachiever or, to be honest, a little unorganized, this is your chance to start 2023 on a high note. That doesn't imply you have to plan out your entire year. Instead, it serves as a reminder that beginning the new year with a planner in hand is the best way to get on track for a prosperous year ahead. After all, why do you believe elementary, middle, and high schools provide students with free planners? Because the greatest planners are powerful tools for getting and staying organized in everyday activities.

Unfortunately, as grownups, free planners are not a privilege. However, don't let that stop you from using one. To make sure you don't, we picked together some of the most beautiful and well-thought-out planners on the market. The options below are likely to delight you, whether you're searching for a basic organizational tool or a colorful and cheery agenda. (However, if you despise the concept of a pre-dated agenda, know that we have provided an updated version.)


New York Planner 2023 by Kate Spade 

best planners for adhd
Kate Spade New York 2022

Need help staying organized? Check out these stylish planners. If you are looking for more organization in your life, then Kate Spade New York weekly & monthly planners are a perfect choice. As a result of this planner, you can keep track of your schedule, write down important dates on the calendar, and organize all your thoughts and ideas in one place.


Weekly Planner + Notebook Medium Leuchtturm1917 (A6)

best planners for moms

Perrin Drumm, a self-described "planner super user," initially told us about the weekly planner from the German stationery manufacturer Leuchtturm1917. According to her, the hardcover of the planner is wonderful for planning on the move or taking notes while sitting down, and the layout is perfect with days on one side and areas for notes on the other. This planner is a favorite of Cindy Thompson, the Instagram blogger behind Plan Another Day since it "offers a simple weekly layout that might be employed in numerous ways." The two-year planner is indeed very cost-effective because it lasts from June 2022 through November 2023.


Weekly Desk Planner by Rhodia

best planners for teachers
Weekly Desk Planner by Rhodia

The Rhodia weekly planner, recommended by Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson, is arranged with the days of the week on one side and a gridded sheet for notes and scribbles on the other. A comprehensive daily schedule is included on each page, separated into hourly sections (between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.), and the edges of the pages are tear-away, so it is easy to keep track of your schedule.


 Productivity Weekly Planner

best planners for nursing students
 Productivity Weekly Planner

There are five different colors available in this linen hardback planner, and it includes a weekly and a monthly section. The upper left-hand corner of each weekly spread will have a monthly summary, which will help the users to keep track of the current date and also make it easier to plan upcoming key dates. It is a mini planner that measures 5.24 x 8.2 inches and will run from the 1st of January 2022 through the 30th of December 2022.


2023 12-Month Monthly Planner by Rifle Paper Co

best planners for grad school
Rifle Paper Co

Many people do not want to carry around a heavy hardback calendar, so Rifle Paper Co.'s lightweight paper planner is ideal for them. There is an overview of each month in the floral-printed planner, which is particularly useful for people who are quick to work daily, as well as the option to add extra notes to the planner.


Classic 17-Month Annual Planner by Ban. Do

best academic planners
Ban. Do

Ban-do is most known for her vibrant, lively planners, which include beautiful monthly displays, many pages of stickers, and colorful encouraging notes written throughout. This 12-month calendar, in particular, has the month,  year, and weekly views, in addition to ample room for taking notes.


JSTORY Large Personal Wide Spaces Weekly Planner 2022

best teacher planners

"Massimo Vignelli would undoubtedly choose this planner if he had $14.99 to spend on one," Arocho says. "With barely any print on the pages, you can map out the dates and pretty much everything else," she says of the "no-nonsense" arrangement. Arocho appreciates the enormous size of the planner: "It feels less throwaway than the smaller choices." Her design buddies favor the black-on-black choice, but Arocho prefers the Pepto-Bismol pink planner.


Schedule for Clever Fox Planner PRO

best financial planners near me
Clever Fox

We learned about this calendar from author and period expert Maria Gomez. According to her, it combines the scheduling features you'd want in a standard planner with the goal-setting features you may search for in a diary. It serves as more than just a calendar and serves as a clarifying tool for deciding how to spend your time. She says that this contains space for you to jot down both your duties and goals as a partner, employee, friend, and employee, in addition to its geometric weekly (and month and year at-a-glance) pages. According to different priorities, "it even encourages you to track your everyday behaviors," Saunders continues, enabling users to approach their aims more comprehensively.

9. Best planner with simple design

The Happy Planner 12-Month Daily Calendar

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The Happy Planner

It's time to switch to an hourly planner if the thought of attempting to fit all of your tasks into a constrained daily area feels overwhelming. This one allows you to create plans for each hour of your day by using a weekly display with vertical days divided into hours. The gemstone-inspired calendar has monthly at-a-glance layouts, motivating quotations on each monthly divider, and monthly pages listing forthcoming projects.

10. The best weekly planner in 2022

Moleskine Classic Weekly Planner for the Year 2022-2023

best planners for college

Not the kind with your planner to be plain to see? Select this understated Moleskine hardback version. The calendar, which comes in three colors—red, black, and green—offers weekly and monthly views. The layout is distinctive because the days of the month are laterally aligned on one part of the spread and now an open lines notes section is on the other. The above makes it simple to keep track of crucial activities and any thoughts that go along with them.


The 5 Second Journal Power Up

best planners for college
The 5 Second Journal

Life and career counselor Phoebe Gavin suggests the 5 Second Journal to wannabe planners who are unsure how to start. The 5 Second Journal, authored by motivational speaker Mel Robbins, provides more structure than a typical planner and requires you to fill in information such as your most significant task for the day and your intended end time (to prevent burnout). Along with a gridded space for thoughts, there is also a tiny hour-by-hour calendar to help you lay out your schedule more thoroughly.

What we are seeking

  • Planner layout: Perhaps the most important method to classify planners is according to how they are divided: weekly, daily, monthly, or quarterly. Our experts say that daily planners are great for individuals who have a lot of daily duties, and list writers who need to concentrate on their daily organizing because they typically devote a complete page to each day. One to two pages are allotted every week in a weekly planner, which is ideal for people who have a lot of events, meetings, and deadlines each week. A weekly or monthly planner is excellent if you have long-term objectives and is most beneficial for big-picture thinkers who currently have a lot of large-scale activities on their plates. Additionally, if none of these templates seem to be ideal for your needs, perhaps you'd like a planner that can be customized (which you can find below).
  • Planner size: When it comes to the size of planners, can affect both the amount of space that can be used for writing and how portable the planner is. Generally speaking, a pocket or personal planner is excellent if you're searching for something extremely portable. A half- or full-letter-size planner is probably right for you if mobility is less of a concern or if you like roomier layouts. Each planner has its precise measurements provided so you can easily check the size before purchasing.
  • Planner Cover: Aside from appearance, the covering affects how well the planner will withstand regular wear and tear. It also affects weight: Is it hardback, softcover, or leather-bound? Consider a leather-bound or hardback planner if you don't mind adding weight to your purse and want something that will last all year. One well softcover planner, on the other hand, is a smart choice if you require something portable.

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