best men's running shirts for hot weather 2022

The best running shirts of 2022 are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.
nike running shirts mens
best men's running shirts for hot weather 2022

Running is a naturally unpleasant activity: laborious breathing, strained muscles, and, whether the weather warms or cools down to severe frigidity, you're stuck with sweat-soaked clothes—and possibly a ton of stinky exercise laundry.

If you're like most runners, though, you probably spend more time researching the best running shoes and Best heart rate monitor than running shirts. It makes sense; aside from color, all clothing items online appear quite identical. Even our own feature research began to blur together. Everything is lightweight, keeps you cool, and wicks perspiration away – standard technical clothing marketing speak. However, when we put nearly identical-looking shirts through their paces, we discovered that they differed quite a bit, even though their web descriptions read similarly.

What Should a Running Shirt Look Like?

Running shirts are not your typical tops. They serve a purpose, which is to keep you cool and comfortable as you travel. Most running shirts will have a thinner appearance than other t-shirts due to their purpose-built profiles. Look for clothes that gently embrace your body without feeling constricting. You may now tailor your fit to your preferences, whether tighter or looser, but make sure that if you select an extra room, the cloth doesn't flail aimlessly in the breeze while you jog. This may be distracting and possibly result in a ride-up, which is something no one wants.

If you prefer to run in long-sleeved shirts, pay attention to the cuffs as well. Choose running shirts with cuffed sleeves to keep everything in place while moving. Non-cuffed long sleeves have a propensity to ride up your arm during a stroll, which can be annoying.

What You Should Know Before Buying

Fabric technology has come a long way in combating perspiration, chafing, and odor, and perhaps helping you recuperate faster in some circumstances. Here are some things to look for while purchasing a running shirt.

Wicking  drying, ability, time, and fit

Wicking ability and drying time are maybe the two most significant characteristics of a good running shirt. Wicking is the act of transporting moisture or perspiration away from your body via microscopic gaps in the weave of the fabric and distributing it to the outside layer of the fabric to evaporate. The amount of evaporation, or drying time, can vary depending on the dew point, but a quality moisture-wicking shirt should dry within a few minutes of stopping jogging.

Fit is classified by brands depending on body shape, using phrases like "fit," "slim/trim, " " athletic, " and "regular. The exact fit will vary greatly depending on the brand and your body shape, but in most situations, fitted shirts are skintight and standard shirts are loose, with slim and athletic lying somewhere in the center. Personal preference plays a role in selecting the best running clothing. Keep in mind that shirts that are too tight are more likely to rub, whereas shirts that are too loose are less likely to drain moisture and more likely to chafe.

Look for mixtures of polyester and wool

Polyester (a synthetic fabric) and wool are the two most popular moisture-wicking materials (natural fabric). has a modest edge over wool for running, owing to its lower cost and longer durability. Wool, which has a cult following in the hiking world due to its amazing odor control, is our go-to when we're on the road or when cleaning between uses isn't an option. Cotton, a third textile, is one of the poorest moisture-wicking fabrics. Cotton absorbs and holds moisture rather than spreading it over a vast area to evaporate, leaving the shirt feeling heavy and wet. Remember field day at school? If your cotton shirt got saturated during the water balloon toss, you were probably soaked for the rest of the day.

Be cautious of chafing

Many runners suffer from chafing during the dog days of summer. The problem is caused by repeated contact between your skin and the cloth, and sweat-or rain-soaked skin is particularly prone to it. The best solution is to try on a shirt with a different fabric composition and fit. If you're jogging in a regular-fit, 100 percent polyester shirt, consider switching to a wool blend with a more athletic cut.

Wash with caution

If you want to keep moisture and sweat-absorbent shirts in your rotation year after year, they require a little more maintenance than cotton-based items. Excess detergents and fabric laxatives can retain sweat-causing microorganisms, making removal more difficult over time. Turn your clothes inside out to reduce the amount of detergent required, or use some natural deodorants. Try sports cleaning solutions such as Win Sports Detergent. Avoid using high heat settings and any kind of fabric softener.

Protection from the sun and odor control

Running shirts frequently include features such as UPF sun protection and odor control. UPF is a garment grading system that determines how much damaging UVA and UVB radiation penetrates through the fabric. The greater the grade, the better the protection provided by the garment. This becomes a significant concern for summer running, particularly during long runs and high-altitude runs when the sun is intense.

Bacteria can grow within the cloth over time, leaving a lingering stench that laundry detergent cannot eradicate. The odor-resistant fabric serves to keep these stinky microorganisms at bay. Companies will treat the cloth with an anti-odor treatment, such as Polygiene, to provide odor prevention. Wool, on the other hand, is inherently resistant to odor-causing bacteria development.

How we tested these shirts

We sifted through a plethora of alternatives and read many web reviews to determine what the "Internet" said were the greatest running shirts. Our search yielded a variety of possibilities, all of which were evaluated over several weeks, months, and, yes, miles. We tested these shirts everywhere from the sunny beaches of California to the hilly, pothole-filled streets of Pittsburgh, stressing crucial attributes like breathability, comfort, odor resistance, and more. Here's what we discovered to help you fill your closet with better times, splits, and, most crucially, fits.

Best Running Shirts Of The Year


Black Diamond Rhythm Tee

best running shirts
Black Diamond Rhythm Tee

We really can't get enough of this tee. The Rhythm Tee feels weightless and ready to perform whether you're out for an evening jog or hitting some serious mileage. As we traveled new and old roads, the yarn Merino Wool — a revolutionary knitting method that wraps merino wool around a nylon core — gave outstanding flexibility and drying qualities. However, pay strict attention to the washing directions. After only a few cycles, we began to detect some pilling.


Satisfy MothTech T‑Shirt

running shirts nike
Satisfy MothTech

Yes, we are aware. Cotton, as previously said, is not ideal for jogging. However, Satisfy's MothTech shirt is one of the few exceptions. We had a great time running in this boutique brand's shirt, which has body-mapped perforations for more excellent airflow. If you can get beyond the price tag, this might be a fantastic alternative for quick, fashionable jaunts about town. We wouldn't recommend any cotton shirts for a marathon, but for less strenuous exercise, this is a must-have item.


Baleaf Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt

running shirts funny
Baleaf Quick Dry Short Sleeve 

If you're putting together your running outfit, it's a good idea to include a few low-cost items to round out the look. At less than $19, this quick-drying short sleeve from Baleaf is a good pick for moisture-wicking characteristics. A tagless collar and flatlock seams assist minimize skin irritation, although some users have noted chafing in the armpits due to the higher cut of the raglan sleeves. Still, if you want a nice introduction running shirt, this silhouette may easily fill a week's rotation.


The North Face Wander Short-Sleeve Tee

best mens running shirts for hot weather
The North Face Wander Short-Sleeve Tee

If you live in hotter areas where you can cut the air with a small knife, this is the shirt for you. During steamy afternoons, we walked various streets and Trailways in this outstanding North Face shirt with no sensation of dampness or increased sweat weight. The lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics allow for targeted pace, and you may style it however you want due to the variety of hues offered.


Janji Repeat Merino Tech Tee

running shirts amazon
Janji Repeat Merino Tech Tee

Merino wool has frequently been commended for its remarkable performance in hot and cold circumstances, and we found no greater illustration of this in our tests than the Repeat Merino Tech Tee from Janji. We loved the comfort, stretch, and breathability inherent in this sustainable shirt on different routes and courses. Furthermore, the odor-resistant merino blend allows for numerous wears between washing, reducing water usage and upholding the brand's eco-friendly stance.


Saucony Solstice Crew

running shirts nike
Saucony Solstice Crew

These long soft brush sensor sleeves are not only fashionable but also environmentally friendly; recycled polyester retains itself and leads whether you run or relax. Running without limitation is easier with a relaxed fit. As a reward, the kangaroo pocket keeps all your supplies close at hand; nevertheless, we recommend carrying your heavier requirements in a different package, as this bag might break your stride as you begin to speed up.


Arc'teryx Cormac Crew Short Sleeve

best running shirts
Arc'teryx Cormac Crew Short Sleeve

This is one shirt that can do everything. Despite Arc'teryx's preference for trail running and trekking, we found this running shirt to be more than adequate—and pleasant—when worn on road running days. The designed, synthetic fibers offered plenty of elasticity and moisture-wicking capabilities, and we welcomed the increased sun protection when the clouds parted to reveal intense, unfiltered rays. At less than $69, this is an outstanding performance whose main focus is just getting the job done.


Vuori Strato Tech Tee

nike running shirts
Vuori Strato Tech Tee

Vuori's premium shirt is smooth, sleek, and sun-blocking. It's a must-have for the warmer months. When logging miles under cloudless skies, UPF 30+ protects against hazardous radiation, and we love the odor-resistant characteristics baked into this excellent shirt. The four-way stretch also provides a wide range of motion, but taller athletes beware: you may be revealing a little belly.


Capilene Cool Lightweight Shirt by Patagonia

best running shirts for hot weather
Capilene Cool Lightweight Shirt by Patagonia

Trail running is all about efficiently traversing the outdoors, and this lightweight choice from Patagonia proved to be more than up to the challenge. We liked how this top felt against our skin, and we appreciate the brand's commitment to sustainable practices. While we'd want to see additional colors of this very technical shirt, this is one garment that will undoubtedly accompany you on many more trail runs.


Unsanctioned Deep Blurple Tee

best men's running shirts
Unsanctioned Deep Blurple Tee

Running is a terrific way to connect with the Earth, so it's no surprise that many corporations are doing their part to help protect it. Unsanctioned produces uncompromising gear that isn't interested in eco-friendly marketing ploys. This Deep Blurple Tee is a wonderful example of it, with a moisture-wicking four-way stretch and a profile made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. We wear this shirt whenever we can, whether we're battling for a new best time or simply working to extend Mother Earth's lifespan.

  • Materials: textiles 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles Used in Knitting 


Under Armour UA Seamless Run Long Sleeve

running t shirts ladies
Under Armour UA Seamless Run Long Sleeve

We appreciate the cozier feel of a long sleeve for added cold protection, but we also need to be able to dump heat if temperatures unexpectedly rise. UA's choice is appropriate for these days due to its body-mapped mesh ventilation, which is strategically positioned in the areas where we need it the most. If we were short on time, we could go directly from a run to visiting friends thanks to the four-way stretch and anti-odor technology. Furthermore, the vibrant fox coloring is as pleasing to the eye as it is to our exercises. 


Rhone Swift Short Sleeve

running slogans for t-shirts
Rhone Swift Short Sleeve

This sleek and understated t-shirt from Rhone, one of our favorite fitness brands, kept us cool during our runs while also giving the impression that we were going shirtless thanks to its lightweight design. The fabric's cooling impact is enhanced by visible horizontal mesh lines, and GOLD FUSION Anti-Odor technology prevents odors from obscuring your training. While we had no chafing or restricted range of motion, other customers have reported fitting concerns with the thinner cut, so keep that in mind when purchasing a shirt for yourself.


Rabbit EZ T-Shirt

running t-shirts decathlon
Rabbit EZ T-Shirt

When it comes to running gear, a close-to-the-body fit may be a welcome aesthetic, and this tight shirt from Rabbit falls into that category. This fitted silhouette is packed with moisture-wicking and comfy features, and you're sure to find a favorite colorway among the many options. The material may wear and tear with time, but for less than $49, you shouldn't be concerned about purchasing a replacement or two.


On Performance-T

running t shirts nike
On Performance-T

Do you want to run naked but not be shirtless? One of our favorite shirts for lightweight, undistracted miles is this next-to-nothing choice from On Running. The mesh-like fabric encourages outstanding breathability to keep you cool, while the taped seams glide smoothly against your skin for improved comfort. The Performance-T was also developed for high-level running, making it an excellent choice for race day apparel.


Nathan Rise Short Sleeve 2.0

running shirts funny

Sequels aren't always the best versions, particularly when the original is a fan favorite. Thankfully, Nathan did not go the Hollywood route, instead keeping everything we loved about the initial Rise Short Sleeve while adding significant upgrades. We liked the increased range of motion as well as the more athletic fit, all while the conventional back mesh panel kept things cool and comfortable. While we did notice some moisture retention on longer, hotter routes, this is one design with a laundry list of technical characteristics worth considering.

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